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Populist Politicians

Open Challenge to All Politicians  

Determining someone else's personality type is problematic, but that doesn't stop some of us from trying! Over the years I have drawn images of the personalities of over two dozen politicians, and the warm images above are atypical.

Significantly, most politicians tend to have more Green in their image, while these have more Red. And it makes sense for authority figures to be more logical than emotional — because voters are more likely to agree with a person who makes objective, rational, logical decisions than someone who is subjective, irrational, and emotional.

I believe we, as voters, deserve to know what our politicians are like below the surface!

 – TWH, February, 2019.

These images of the personalities of Founding Father Patrick Henry, Orson Welles' Charles Foster Kane, the Wire's Clay Davis, and the current president of the United States Donald Trump all look very similar.

These spiritual portraits show all four are warm, personal, outgoing, and down-to-earth. Most politicians certainly aspire to having these qualities, but these images show the members of this group are warmer and friendlier than most of the others.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could see images of the personalities of all politicians?


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Team Fawlty

The Team at Fawlty Towers  

Monty Python's John Cleese is the creator, writer and star of Fawlty Towers. In 2000 the British Film Institute placed the show in first place, at the very top on its list of Top 100 TV Shows.

The entire series consists of just two seasons of six episodes each — for a total of twelve 30-40 minute episodes — making it easy for even the busiest people to watch!

 – Tom W. Hartung, November, 2018.

These images of the personalities of the main characters on the show Fawlty Towers are all colorful, showing they are all fairly versatile, likeable, and relatable. Despite their colorful, superficial similarities, these portraits show each character has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

With these strengths and weaknesses, the four form a diverse team. Their versatility and diversity combine to enable them to take care of all of the duties required to run the small, quaint hotel near England's southern coast.

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