Photos by Valerie Photo Goddess

Here are links to the photos taken by Valerie Photo Goddess of Tom H.'s Five Years of Freedom from First Hand Ciggie Smoke Party at the Mercury Cafe. Stay tuned, we might post more photos here in the future!

If you are in any of these photos, feel free to download them for posting on your myspace page or refrigerator or what not.

Five Years of Freedom from First Hand Ciggie Smoke (FYoFfFHCS) Party, first batch. Contains some informal group shots, plus portraits of Kristina, Veronica, and Lyssa. Also there are some group shots of dancers Dan, Gene, Johnine, Sharon, and the other Dan.
FYoFfFHCS Party, second batch. Contains portraits of Heather, Lyssa and Nad, and Zack, Susan, and Steve. Also there are portraits of Scott and Cathy and Gregg and Robyn, and some informal group photos.
FYoFfFHCS Party, third batch. Contains portraits of Dave and Karla, a few group shots, and a few of Ryan. Also contains quite a few portraits of Thomas and Christina (individually).
FYoFfFHCS Party, fourth batch. Contains portraits of Tom H. and Selene, Ryan and Angela, and Albert and Ruthina. Also contains some shots of Marilyn and Tom H. and some more informal group shots, including some experiments with longer shutter speeds.