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Tom H.'s Photos

Here are links to some photos I have posted. I also have a blog at tomhartung.com.

Note that when viewing a batch you can click on a "thumbnail" to see a larger version. Also, in some cases the thumbnails are square, but the images are rectangular, so you need to click on them to see the whole thing.

Enjoy the images!

The first Deathwish night at Tracks. Valerie Photogoddess took several of these, we had a great time taking blurry pictures!
Celebrating Pam's Birthday at The Milk Bar!
Celebrating Thanksgiving Eve at The Milk Bar!
Celebrating Halloween 2008 at The Milk Bar!
Celebrating Labor Day at The Church nightclub.
Playing with new LEDs at The Milk Bar on Wednesday April 23rd, 2008.
Partying at The Church on the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day.
Dancing on one of the Darkwave Sunday nights at Club Osiris up in Fort Collins.
Checking out the Top 40 and Hip Hop scene one Saturday night at the Rise nightclub in LoDo. Yeah we had passes to get in free but didn't stay too long....
Three Wednesdays and a Saturday at the Shelter, playing with LEDs.
Partying on a Friday night at the Church.
Stephanie's birthday party at the Church.
Haley's birthday party at the Milk Bar.
A Saturday night at the Wave, 2101 Champa.
Valentine's day with Torso at the Blue Ice.
Some photos taken in Poudre Canyon, northwest of Fort Collins. Most of these were taken in the 'Narrows' section.
Some more photos of Poudre Canyon, northwest of Fort Collins, mostly of the Narrows section.
Celebrating my birthday at The Milk Bar. FYI I was not driving that night!
Celebrating Marta's birthday.
Link to Valerie Photo Goddess' page, containing links to the photos she took at my Five Years of Freedom from First Hand Ciggie Smoke (FYoFfFHCS) party.
The photos I took of me and my friendscelebrating five years since smoking my last coffin nail. The party was held in the Jungle Room at the Mercury Cafe.
Scott's milestone birthday party.
Portraits of party-goers with Scott's gargoyles.
The Bad Directions at the Peoples Fair, 2006.
At the MapQuest Reunion Party.
Scott's birthday party at Michelle and Preston's.
Celebrating two years of freedom from first-hand tobacco smoke it was 'Drinks on Me Night!' Taken at Tryst, one of the few smoke-free bars back then.
Obama Rally
Rally for Barack Obama in Denver's Civic Center.
Music Shows
Requiem in Black at The Blue Ice Valentine's Day, 2008.
Tristraum and Die Brucke at the Shelter, New Year's Eve 2007-2008.
Requiem in Black at Wyatt's Torch.
Leiahdorus, Tristraum, and Assemblage 23 at Cervantes.
Requiem in Black's first gig, at the Church.
Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders, Split Second Massacre, and Torso at the Gothic Theater.
Torso at the Shelter, with many Many MANY photos of us, their fans.
Torso at the Shelter - some early experiments, starting to learn that in these situations, taking 'mugshots' may not be the best goal, and actually, sometimes blurry can be better.
Frankie Manning at the 1770 Sherman Event Complex teaching a class, and at theMercury Cafe telling us about Lindy Hop in Harlem, back in the day.
The dance on Saturday night in the ballroom at 1770 Sherman Street, to music by After Midnight.
The Denver Lindy Exchange (DLX 2007): dancing at the Shrine Center Imperial Ballroom.
DLX2007: dancing at the Denver Turnverien.
DLX 2006: Porkpie playing for dancers at the 1770 Sherman Events Complex.
DLX 2006: dancers at the 1770 Sherman Complex, some experimental photos (sets of three) taken from the balcony.
DLX 2006: Late Night at the Copper Fields Events Chateau. I remember it well: the DJ played a killer cover version of the Grateful Dead's 'New Speedway Boogie.' That totally freaked me out!
DLX 2006: dancing on Saturday afternoon at theMercury Cafe.
DLX 2006: dancing late on Saturday night at the Denver Turnverein.
Home 2.0 (Colorado)
Photos of before and after getting two tons of pea gravel delivered by Pioneer.
A bunch of photos of my kitty cat, Mildred.
Some photos of a big blizzard, and a few of the back yard in less inclement weather. On the first page there are a couple of my first cat, an orange tabby named Marvin, in the back yard and at the bottom of the page a couple of my neighbor jumping off his roof!
Dan and Tiff Newsomes' Wedding Reception at theMercury Cafe.
Scott and Marcia Wiebkes' Wedding at the Chapel at Red Rocks.
Scott and Marcia Wiebkes' Wedding Reception at the Fort.
Scott's bachelor party - we took a limo ride to a bunch of stripper bars, all around town.
Home 1.0 (Virginia)
Some photos of my family back in Virginia, sent to me by my Dad.
Taken during a visit back home, these are of my family in Urbanna, in the eastern part of Virginia.
Taken during a visit back home, these were taken in Richmond, where I grew up.
At a birthday party that my brother Matt threw for me in Richmond. Yeah, these peeps are mos' def' my real homies!
With my brother's family in Palmyra, in the foothills of Virginia near Charlottesville.
Taken at the memorial service for my friend Jim Armstrong. Note that weather was rather gloomy except for a few minutes just after his ashes were spread on the lake!
The Artsy Stuff
Original cell phone images used for Wee show at Flash Gallery.
Photo montages created for Wee show at Flash Gallery.
For XMas 2006, I made calendars for 2007 for many friends and family members. This batch contains the images both before and after I used the Gimp to process them for the calendars.
The original versions of three photos of Torso and dancers taken on Halloween and displayed in the non-juried Wee show at Flash Gallery.
The same three photos of Torso and dancers, after processing by the Gimp.
An up close and personal portrayal of the Anti-War/Pro-Peace Collage in the Jungle Room at theMercury Cafe.
Some photos of Joey Delores' fashion show, 'Vital Indulgence.' Some people might say these photos really suck, because they are blurry. Other people might say they are really cool, because they are so artsy and abstract. Deciding whom you think is right is up to you!
A series of photos taken at theMercury Cafe on film with a toy camera for the non-juried Plastik show at Flash Gallery. (I had to scan these photos to post them.)
A series of photos taken at the Church on film with a toy camera for the non-juried Plastik show at Flash Gallery. (I had to scan these photos to post them.)
More artsy stuff: jjam!
More artsy stuff: philleese!